This natural remedy is for kids and adults. I happen to know some adults who have fairly serious phobias and reaction to stings (you know who you are) so this is really for everybody.

    With summer fun comes the unfortunate potential of being stung by a bee or eaten alive by mosquitoes, fleas, and spiders. Apparently we are their summer BBQ. Prevention is really the key here. There are many great natural repellents on the market that can work as a barrier on your skin like Burts Bee. But if you do happen to get bit, here are a few tips to help you or your child recover and get back to the summer fun.

    Try to get yourself or your child to calm down. With kids this can be difficult because they are hurt and scared (again, this may also apply to grown folks). You may need to apply an ice pack to numb the pain before treatment.

    For stings, you should first remove the stinger. Do not try to pull it out with your fingers or tweezers. This will cause the release of venom and more pain. Instead, try scraping it out with something that has a hard edge, like a thumbnail or credit card. Or try putting a piece of tape over it and gently lift it out.

    Clean the affected area (after you’ve removed the stinger or if have a bug bite) with warm water and soap. Then make a paste of baking soda mixed with a little water and apply it. This will help to draw out the venom. Another little trick I learned is that papaya, which contains papain, is excellent at taking the sting out of mosquito and other insect bites. Which is maybe why papaya is so plentiful in the summer time, no? Simply cut a slice and rub it on the affected area.

    Aloe Vera and calendula are also great for soothing pain and irritation for both bites and stings. They are all natural and inexpensive so you can apply as needed.

    I always carry aloe on me because you just never know when you’ll need it. And I wouldn’t be doing right by my Native American grandmother if I didn’t mention that eating garlic acts as a natural repellent. It keeps away bugs and people.

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