We are constantly being bombarded by misleading advertisements that are designed to keep us confused. Nowadays, even the simple act of buying yogurt has become a daunting task. You could easily spend hours researching and comparison shopping for a $1 product. As consumers, we tend to fixate on what foods to eat, when in fact, we should be paying more attention to what foods to avoid.
    People who have adopted a healthy lifestyle govern their choices by a set of rules. For example, one of the best rules that I have come across in my studies is that we should be eating foods that give us energy rather than those that use up our energy. Makes sense right. So one of the fastest ways to reach your health goals is to cut out foods and beverages that have zero health benefits and can potentially be harmful to your health.
    Now I get that not everybody shares my passion for researching ingredients, or maybe you do and you just don’t have the time. That’s why I decided to bring back my product reviews. This way, I get to geek out on science and you get to save time and money. It’s a win/win.
    Every month, I’ll be posting a review about a product I use or have researched and found to be worthy of your hard earned dollars. Filtering out the good products from the bad will help you to become a smarter consumer and make you feel more confident in your choices. So it seems fitting that I start by identifying some of the WORST products out there. I’ve chosen the following products because they are an utter waste of money and do more harm to the body than good. They make about as much sense as giving wine to a baby just because it’s made from grapes.

    Sports Drinks

    This includes all the Gatorades, Powerades, and Waterades (powders you add to your water) on the market. These products are an enormous waste of your money. They are nothing more than overpriced sugar water. The companies selling these products want you to believe that sports drinks are a good way to replace electrolytes and potassium after strenuous exercise.
    Well, what we know from science is that water is the best way to hydrate a body. We also know from labels on these products that they are made up of mostly sugar, synthetic flavorings, and dyes. Which is crazy because our kids are guzzling this stuff by the gallons on every soccer field in the country. We’re essentially giving them a plastic container filled with Kool-Aid that’s been enriched with synthetic minerals. These added minerals often don’t get absorbed by the body and are quickly eliminated in our urine.
    You’re much better off drinking coconut water, or plain water with freshly squeezed fruit juice, or just eating a banana. You know, like sweaty humans use to do before the invention of sports drinks.

    Diet Soda

    I’m certain this comes as no surprise. You’ve heard the science a thousand times yet there’s something about the refreshing crispness and bubbles that you just can’t resist. That’s because diet soda is HIGHLY addictive. This is one of the biggest marketing lies sold to consumers!
    Diet soda is not healthier than regular soda. It is made with artificial sugar that Yes, is lower in calories but regularly consuming artificial sugar is directly linked to obesity and diabetes. The artificial sugar in diet soda was also engineered to be addictive. Many of my clients have experienced strong cravings, headaches, and irritability when trying to quit. Once they got it out of their system, they experienced better sleep, weight loss, and healthier looking hair and skin.

    Energy Drinks

    Caffeine is a legal drug. Like most drugs, it works quickly, gives you a high, and is addictive. The majority of energy drinks are chocked full of caffeine.
    Caffeine is a stimulant that causes your body to release glucose into your bloodstream. You get energy from the glucose…not caffeine. Which means you can get milder longer-sustaining sources of energy from eating a combination of natural glucose (fruits) with fiber (nuts, seeds) without all the harmful effects of caffeine.
    Regular consumption of energy drinks can disrupt your sleep, affect your insulin levels, cause mood swings, dehydrate your body, and cause a host of other chronic health conditions.

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