Family Health Resources



    American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

    Find a Naturopathic Physician in your community


    American Academy of Environmental Medicine

    Locate an environmental medicine physician in your community


    Functional Medicine

    Locate a physician who practices functional medicine in your community


    Hippocrates Health Institute

    Detoxification Center that practices noninvasive therapies to cleanse the body and promote wellness


     Dr. Jullian Whitaker

    Alternative Medicine Practitioner


    Alternative to Meds

    Holistic Mental Health Treatment that treats without the use of drugs



    Natural and Holistic Cancer Treatment

     Cancer Control Society Directory

    A website that provides names of hospitals, clinics, treatments and name of doctors utlizing alternative cancer treatments throughout the U.S. and world.


    Healing Cancer Naturally

    Website loaded with helpful articles, nutrition information, and resources


    Breast Thermography – Non-radiation alternative to Mammography

    Kid’s Health Resources


    Foundation that aims to help protect American families from food additives; education on prevention of allergies and tips for reducing additives in your diet


    Allergy Elimination Techniques

    Tips on how to identify which foods may be causing allergies


    The Feingold Diet

    Effective and Natural ways to treat ADHD


    Growth Charts

    Does your child size up?


    Everything you never wanted to know about head lice



    Insuring Your Child


    Insure Kids Now

    Options for free and low cost insurance for kids


    Child Development


    Positive Parenting Connection

    Provides parents with developmental information on raising healthy children


    Society for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

    Find a Clinician in your community that specializes in developmental issues




    National Vaccine Information Center

    Information about vaccines, risks, your rights and a list of vaccine exemptions by state


    Think Twice

    Vaccine Education


    Age of Autism

    Articles, Reports, and Research on the Causes and Treatment of Autism


    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

    VAERS – National website for reporting any adverse reactions to vaccines


    Vaccine Calculator

    A calculator to help parents create a safer vaccine schedule

    Healthy Home Resources

    Green Cleaning Products

    Seventh Generation

    Ecos Products


    Mrs. Meyers

    Healthy Environment

    Chec Net

    A gateway to practical and accurate information for parents on how to prevent their children from being exposed to hazards in their homes

    Antenna Search

    Type in your address and find out how many cell towers are in your neighborhood. The more cell towers you live by, the higher your exposure to harmful EMFs

    State of the Air

    An Annual report released by the American Lung Association; type in your city and learn about the quality of the air you breathe and how it affects you and your family

     Healthy City

    California Resource that can help you to locate the following services in your city: education, legal & criminal, healthcare, income support and employment, environmental, individual and family life, and consumer services

    National Pesticide Info Center

    Provides information on pesticide products, toxicology, environmental effects, labeling, disposal and human and animal treatment for exposure

    Electromagnetic Radiation Chart

    Chart highlighting research and the effects of exposure to low-intensity radiation (cell phones, wi-fi)

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