Taking Charge of Your Health Care

    How to Work the System So It Doesn’t Work You
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    How This Guide Will Help?

    I created this comprehensive guide to teach you insider tips your insurance companies and hospitals don’t want you to know.

    Learn how to work the health care system so it doesn’t work you.

    This guide is for everyone: whether you have insurance through your employer, through ACA, government subsidized health insurance, or you are currently uninsured.

    Discover your power and never be taken advantage of again.


    This comprehensive guide will help you:

    • Discover Safe & Effective Alternative Health Care Options
    • Dramatically Cut Your Medical Costs
    • Survive a Hospital Stay Without Going Broke
    • Keep Your Medical Records Private
    • Get Copies of Your Medical Records (step-by-step guide)
    • Get the Most Out of Your 10 Minute Doctor Visit
    • Learn Which Medical Procedures Are Unnecessary
    • Research Your Doctor & Hospital for Malpractice Lawsuits
    • & More

    Guide Chapters

    Chapter 1

    Why You Need to Take Charge

    Chapter 2

    Create Your Own Health Care Team

    Chapter 3

    Know Your Rights

    Chapter 4

    Getting the Best Treatment & Care

    Chapter 5

    Cutting Cost & Avoiding Uneccesary Procedures

    Chapter 6

    Insider Tips & Strategies

    Chapter 7

    Explore Your Options: They’re Out There!

    Chapter 8

    Advocate for Your Child’s Health

    Chapter 9



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    Guide Excerpt

    The Health Care System Profits off of You Being Sick

    The healthcare system is not designed to cure you—it’s designed to temporarily treat your symptoms. The goal is to make you a repeat consumer of their services. Curing you and helping you to achieve long-term health is not the goal. It never was. Healthcare is a business and it’s always in need of new and returning consumers.

    The dilemma we face is that we are putting our health in the hands of a system that is focused on profit. Every aspect of our health care is decided by our government and industries. Just like education, health should be treated as a right that everyone is entitled to because it is good for society as a whole. Unfortunately, we are shifting towards a belief that health care is a privilege for those that can afford it. Having more money buys you access to better quality of care and services.

    To put it bluntly, health is for sale. Our healthcare system is currently designed to profit off the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. Even the recent incorporation of preventative care as a covered service is a weakly-veiled attempt at appearing to be socially responsible.

    Insurance companies and health care providers know that most people are reactionary; meaning we react to pain, discomfort, and fear. We are far more likely to take action when we are motivated by one or all of these emotional triggers. When was the last time you reacted to feeling good?

    When we’re symptom-free, we typically don’t stop and say to ourselves, “How can I ensure that I sustain this healthy feeling?” The industry knows there is far more money to be made by reacting to disease than preventing disease.

    All the big players like insurance companies, hospitals, drug companies, and yes, even medical science are in it for a profit. And because there is a tremendous amount of money to be made, funds are often miss-appropriated. For example, hospitals will spend obscene amounts of money to entice patients to choose their facility. Wi-fi access, resort-style waiting rooms, Starbuck cafes; all great amenities but none of them will help you in your battle with cancer.

    Did you know that some hospital CEOs and administrators make an annual salary of $400,000? You may not realize it, but you help to pay their salary in the form of unjustified and insidious hospital charges on your bill. Like $25 for a box of tissues.

    In her book, Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care, surgeon and author Marty Makary MD, explains how surgeons are often pressured to do more operations and that overtreatment is incentivized in many hospitals.

    A cautious, thorough physician who wants to play it safe may suggest costly x-rays, blood test, or unnecessary procedures to rack up charges. This is typically done under the guise of “ruling out” conditions for which you have no related symptoms.

    There is no better evidence that we’re being bamboozled and over-charged than the cost of prescription medications here in the U.S. We pay up to 100 percent more for drugs than 33 other developed countries. We’re told that a free market gives us more options when in fact, it allows for a significant markup of life-saving drugs and treatments. Companies get to determine their prices no matter if it’s a life-saving drug.

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