Empowered Parenting

    Simple Strategies for Keeping Kids Healthy & Safe in a Complex World


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    How This Guide Will Help?

    This is not a book on how to parent. It’s a guide for parents. It shares a wealth of information in areas including the food kids eat, medications children are commonly prescribed, and how these affect children’s development, health, and well-being.

    In addition, the book offers insight into how parents’ rights are slowly being shifted and even ignored, as well as the pros and cons of technology and more.

    Armed with this knowledge, you’ll make smarter decisions, worry less, improve your family’s diet and health, save money, and trust yourself more. That’s the Empowered Parenting way.

    Guide Chapters

    Chapter 1

    Who Does She Think She Is?

    Chapter 2

    The Cost of Convenience

    Chapter 3

    The Great Debate: Vaccines

    Chapter 4

    Upgrading Your Parenting Software

    Chapter 5

    It Takes a Village

    Chapter 6

    The Toughest Job You Can’t Quit

    Chapter 7

    There’s a Pill for That

    Chapter 8

    In Sickness & In Wealth

    Chapter 9

    The New Stranger Danger

    Chapter 10


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    Raising Kids on Fast Forward

    Is time flying by or am I the only one who feels like life is on warp speed? In a rare moment of downtime, I happened to catch the 1998 Will Smith movie, Enemy of the State, on some random digital channel (I’m one of those diehards who refuse to pay for cable so I pick up free digital channels with TV antennas. Remember when TV was free?). When the movie first came out, it seemed so ridiculous to think that there were cameras everywhere that could capture our every move. After all, we live in the US and we would never allow for that type of egregious violation of our privacy.

    Fast forward fifteen years and there are now cameras everywhere. Satellite cameras can zoom in on real-time pictures of our homes. Google knows that I got lost in the “bad” part of town while trying to find a short-cut to the airport last month. Target not only tracks what we buy and how we pay for it but then records it all on video for quality assurance purposes.

    The point is that we’ve come a long way in a relatively short period of time. In fact, we have experienced more growth and change in the past thirty years than we have in the history of the world. We owe that in a large part to the rapid advancement in technology that makes us feel as if our world changed overnight. One day we’re tethered to a phone in the wall and the next, we’re walking down the street video chatting with a friend in Dubai on a mini hand-held computer.

    While advancements in industry, technology and medicine have improved our lives, they have also complicated the job of raising healthy kids and keeping them safe. Even if you are lucky enough to have great parents, and managed to absorb all their wisdom, it will only get you so far. Think about the advice you get from your own parents; practical and maybe even useful at times, but what does your mom know about sexting, cyber bullying, or Pharm parties?

    Today’s kids face challenges unlike any other generation in our history. This means that as a parent, you are expected to know how to handle these new challenges and manage 21st century problems. Think of your knowledge and skills as the software you use to make decisions and act. Is your software up-to-date? Many parents are running on outdated software and forget that they need to constantly upgrade to the latest version to stay informed. Failure to do so results in frustration, self-doubt, and a sense that you are no longer in control.

    Over the years, I’ve heard a common complaint from parents who feel as if they are losing control of their kids. And I don’t just mean not being able to manage a child’s behavior. I’m talking about companies deciding what your child eats, doctors labeling and medicating your child, and government mandates telling you what you can and can’t do with your own family. When you depend on these external forces to guide your decisions, you set yourself up to be misled or manipulated. This dependent type of thinking will eventually strip you of all your power and leave you feeling helpless.


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