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Parent Education Services

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We live in a complex society. As a result, there are many challenges facing today’s parents.

Family coaching services are for those in need of parent education and parenting advice on issues related to:

  • Kid’s Safety
  • Family Health
  • Child Abuse
  • Crisis Management
  • Juvenile & Family Court Guidance
  • Mental Health Treatment Options
  • Addiction Treatment Options

Please Note:

I no longer practice clinical social work nor am I a licensed psychotherapist. If you are seeking help or treatment for a mental health disorder, please seek the advice of a licensed practitioner. Visit Mental Health for resource information.


Nikole Seals has been a huge asset to TFC. She is extremely knowledgeable about the issues of our client population and that of social services. Nikole has been a great mentor to our clients and a great source of inspiration and encouragement to the staff.

D. Woog LMFT

Licensed Family Therapist

Nikole is a stand-out in the field of social work and is one of the most caring professionals I know. She is naturally engaging and works well with children and families. She is knowledgeable in a great many areas and has the ability to apply her knowledge and compassion appropriately to achieve the greatest possible outcome; taking all things into account. It cannot be overstated how valuable a resource Nikole is to families and to the community. I have seen first-hand the positive impact Nikole has had on so many lives and I would welcome any opportunity to benefit from her knowledge and experience.

Patrick Morris


“As an independent social worker, Nikole continues to help individuals, children, and families make positive changes and achieve success in their lives.”

Jan Pillit, LCSW


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Online Personal Coaching

My 1:1 personal coaching is conducted online. This could be by phone or over video chat using computer software like Skype.


Sessions can be offered at more flexible times


No office space or travel costs means the savings are passed on to you.



Beneficial for those who are uncomfortable answering personal questions in-person.


Get support from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you can connect to the internet or speak privately.

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