Natural & Safe Options to Flu Vaccine

    Our immune system is responsible for surveying, identifying, responding, and adjusting to foreign invasions by microorganisms. The Lymphatic system is at the core of our immune system and acts as the transportation highway for white blood cells to get to areas of infection, injury or abnormal cell growth. Every time your immune system locates microorganisms, it goes through the process of identifying it, destroying it, and then remembers how to destroy it in case of any future invasions.

    We tend to take this amazing system for granted, not fully appreciating what it does to protect our health. That is until our health has been compromised. The foods we eat, the environment we live in and even the thoughts we focus on can profoundly affect our immune system’s ability to do its job. Chronic stress and chronic illness can weaken the immune system leaving you susceptible to a host of disease. Regular consumption of sugar, alcohol and an overuse of medications like antibiotics and vaccines can also suppress your immune system. The best way you can support your immune system is to strengthen it with resources found in nature. Plant extracts and minerals can be effective alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions.

    Know Your Options:

    The following extracts and nutrients have been used as natural immune boosters for hundreds of years across many cultures. When used as directed, they offer low risk support with no serious side effects.

    SupplementsHow It Can Help
    GarlicGarlic has antimicrobial and antiviral properties and if consumed regularly, can protect against infection. Cooking garlic helps to release its healing powers. Add it to soups for flavor and health benefits. Garlic is also available in tablet form.


    Vitamin CVitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to help neutralize free radicals in the body. Increasing Vitamin C intake to 1-2 grams daily during the cold and flu season can help to ward off illness.


    EchinaceaAn herb that can be taken in tea or capsule form to help stimulate activity of immune cells (consult with an integrative healthcare provider if you have allergies or are on medications; do not use if you have an autoimmune disease)


    AstragalusAn herb that has antiviral properties and enhances immune cell activity. It can be taken at the onset of a cold to reduce symptoms. It is not to be used for prolong periods of time or with fever-related illnesses. It comes in capsule, tea, and tincture form.


    ProbioticProbiotics contain beneficial bacteria that help to promote a healthy digestive tract and limit disease causing bacteria in the gut. It’s also good practice to take a probiotic after completing a prescription of antibiotics in effort to restore levels of good bacteria in the gut



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