eat healthyI don’t want this to overwhelm you but the food choices you make for your children during their first five years of life will become the foundation for their future dietary habits. No pressure though.

    You may not want to admit it but you have a powerful influence on your child’s palate and preferences. Children will eat what you eat and eat what you serve. On the flip side of this, children are less likely to eat the foods that you don’t like or expose them too. So if you don’t buy or cook fish in your home, it’s no coincidence that your children won’t eat fish.

    When I work with parents to help them improve their child’s health, I always start by asking about the parent’s dietary habits because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We know for a fact that kids learn far more from watching the actions and behaviors of parents than they do from listening. So if you don’t eat healthy, you can’t expect your children too. And if you are picky and don’t like eating fish, or meat off the bone, or foods with weird textures, or anything green; you must realize that your child will pick up on these same limiting thoughts. Failure to expose your child to an assortment of healthy foods because of your own personal preferences can result in your child missing out on a variety of important nutrients.

    So bottom line: if you can your kids to eat healthy…show them how. A healthy team needs a healthy leader. Improving health should be a family goal and as the team leader, you must begin to teach and show your child how to make good choices.

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