What Are Some Common Chemicals Found in Processed Foods?

    Healthy parents raise healthy kids. We know that children learn by watching adults so it’s very important to teach your children how to make healthy food choices. A big part of that is educating your children about processed foods and the harmful chemicals that they contain. Both you and your child should get into the practice of reading food labels and being able to identify harmful chemicals and preservatives.

    Here is a quick cheat sheet of the items that your family should be avoiding at all cost. We suggest making a copy and posting it on the fridge. Or get your kids involved and let them play police by having them look for the “bad guys” in your foods.

    “Bad Guys”

    Hydrogenated fats – linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity

    Artificial food colors – linked to allergies, asthma, hyperactivity, possibly carcinogen

    Nitrites/Nitrates – can be carcinogenic

    Sulfites – linked to allergies and asthma

    Sugar and sweeteners – linked to obesity, dental cavities, diabetes, hypoglycemia, candida

    Artificial sweeteners – (aspartame, saccharin) – linked to behavioral problems, hyperactivity, possibly carcinogenic

    MSG – linked to allergic and behavioral reactions, including headaches, dizziness, chest pains, depression, and mood swings.

    Preservatives – liked to allergic reactions, hyperactivity, possibly cancer causing

    Artificial flavors – linked to allergic or behavioral reactions

    Refined flour – shown to alter insulin production

    Salt – causes fluid retention, increases blood pressure

    Olestra – causes diarrhea and digestive disturbances

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