You may have seen or heard about new state legislation that would require food companies to label Genetically Modified Foods (GM). When and where this legislation will appear on the ballot varies state-to-state, but you need to be informed no matter where you live.

    Being empowered means being informed. And one of the most important bits of information you should know is what goes into your body.

    So why should you care if the soy or corn in your food was grown from a seed from nature or a seed from a lab? Because seeds made in a lab (GM seeds from companies like Monsanto) are often made with genetic material from a virus or bacteria so that the seed will be resistant to that bacteria or virus. But no one really knows what long term effects that consumption of modified seeds will have on the human body.

    Don’t buy into the misleading ads that the food industry has shelled out to make you confused and scared. They have billions of dollars on the line so it’s no surprised they have resorted to fear mongering. If you hate being lied to and want to know what you put into your body and your children’s bodies then become an aware and informed voter. See our guide on GM and make the healthy choice. And always be sure to read food labels and scrutinize ingredients in any of the product you buy.

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