Why Asking for Help Is So Difficult


    It’s tough for some women to ask for help. It takes courage. Yet asking for professional help is a powerful way to overcome the doubts and fears that keep you stuck.

    • We women are often afraid to seek help because:
    • We don’t want to let go of our coping mechanisms like comfort foods, alcohol, prescription medications, or drugs
    • Playing the victim get’s us attention which is better than no attention
    • We think asking for help is a sign of weakness
    • We feel guilt and shame for our life conditions
    • We doubt our ability to change
    • We worry what others will think

    It is especially painful when others bring attention to the very things that we’d like to change about ourselves. We will often try to avoid the pain by shifting our focus to our jobs or family.

    Seeking help is a great way to build your support network and create a safe and trusting partnership with a professional who understands your fears without judgment or bias. Setting realistic goals and identifying steps to reaching those goals will help you to build confidence. If you had the opportunity to interview a successful woman like Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Brene Brown (a social worker), you’d find that they all sought the help of a counselor or mentor at one time or another. Support can keep you from falling and give you the security to soar to new heights.

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