Personal Empowerment Coaching

"It's the Experience of Overcoming Our Challenges That Helps Us to Realize Our Potential."

~Nikole Seals

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Personal Empowerment Coaching

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It’s a natural response to avoid the things that we find scary and challenging. We don’t ask for the promotion because we question our ability and worthiness. Or maybe it’s the fear of being alone so you stay in an unhealthy relationship.

We also hold onto unresolved pain and outdated beliefs that keep us from the very things we desire. We accept where we’re at because we are so uncertain about the future.

We are born with the need and potential to grow. It’s that quiet little voice and nagging gut feeling that we need to be living instead of just surviving. But you may not have the insight and skills necessary to overcome some of the emotional baggage you picked up along the way.

That’s where I come in. I have been helping to men and women to manage their emotions and create healthy relationships and fulfilling lives.

My coaching strategies are based on the social work theory of empowerment. The focus on is helping you to transition from an emotional state of powerlessness to a mindset of powerful independence.

Obstacles and adversity are a natural part of life and necessary for our growth. But certain life experiences can knock you to your knees or leave you feeling lost. Together we will restore balance and control in your life.


I Will Help You:


  • Identify faulty beliefs and emotional barriers
  • Address issues of low self-worth and loss of identity
  • Re-script your internal dialogue to match your desired goals
  • Develop coping skills to manage stress and consuming emotions
  • Create a personal practice to foster self-love
  • Build confidence and speak your voice through self-advocacy
  • Develop skills to set and enforce healthy relationship boundaries
  • Create realistic plan to manage future challenges

Please Note:


I no longer practice clinical social work nor am I a licensed psychotherapist. If you are seeking help or treatment for a mental health disorder, please seek the advice of a licensed practitioner. Visit Mental Health for resource information.


I started working with Nikole last year when I was going through a separation. I knew in my heart that she would be the only one who could save my family. Her advice and guidance has allowed growth both in my personal life and with my family and resulted in the family reuniting. I love her approach and her healing method and have referred her to over a dozen clients. What she has done for me and my family is priceless and I will forever be in her debt.

Roberto Festekjian


I was introduced to Nikole to help a good friend going through some issues.  Shortly after I was faced with a family crisis of my own. Nikole helped us navigate through the process of identifying the underlying issues that had been unaddressed for decades. Nikole was instrumental in making recovery possible.  We are truly and honestly grateful.

Maria Perez


Nikole is a special coach who genuinely takes the time to get to know you and help you reach your goals. She has a style the encourages you to work hard to get to the heart of the issue. I really struggled with dating again after my divorce and Nikole helped me to learn what I was really afraid of, to move past that and address it. With her support I was ready to begin dating and now am happily in a healthy long term relationship.

Michael Hanna


Nikole helped me find my voice and encouraged me to speak my voice because my opinions mattered and deserved to be valued. She helped me improve my self-esteem and self-confidence in employment. Nikole coached me on different techniques and was a true mentor to me.

Chanel Kunkel


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Online Personal Coaching

My 1:1 personal coaching is conducted online. This could be by phone or over video chat using computer software like Skype.


Sessions can be offered at more flexible times


No office space or travel costs means the savings are passed on to you.



Beneficial for those who are uncomfortable answering personal questions in-person.


Get support from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you can connect to the internet or speak privately.

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