Shopping Tips for Buying Quality Vitamins

    There are several things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a multi-vitamin. Remember, not all vitamins are created equal. Some brands may use cheap ingredients and research has shown that the quantity of active ingredients may not be exactly what is listed on the label. Also be aware that many pharmaceutical companies are getting in on the nutrition supplement business creating cheap ineffective products.

    Here are some tips from the book, The New Optimum Nutrition Bible, on how to find a quality vitamin and brands you can trust.

    • Note the serving size – this is the amount you need to take to get the amount per serving; anything with more than a serving size of 2 is unnecessary
    • Quality supplements in capsule form are made with vegetable cellulose which dissolves faster in the stomach than tablets
    • Capsules made from vegetable cellulose are also vegan-safe unlike capsules made from gelatin
    • Capsules have less fillers; tablets can pack in more nutrients but contain more fillers and binding agents
    • Vitamins come in natural forms meaning they are derived from food sources or synthetic forms meaning they are made in a lab by chemist; well-made synthetic vitamins have the same properties as natural vitamins so they can offer you the same benefit; however, vitamins derived from natural sources contain other elements that make them more potent
    • Natural vitamin E known as d-alpha tocopherol is more potent and effective than synthetic vitamin E known as dl-alpha tocopherol
    • B vitamins made with yeast and bran is the best form
    • Avoid any vitamin made with artificial coloring, flavors, fructose, or dextrose; they are added to make vitamins more colorful or taste sweeter and should be avoided
    • Fillers and binders that are safe: silica, cellulose, gum acacia, magnesium stearate
    • Look for brands that use quality ingredients and adhere to strict manufacturing protocols like: Country Life, NOW, Natural Factors, and TwinLab
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