Parent Guide to Teen Drug Use

How to Confront Your Teen & Get Them Help


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How This Guide Will Help?

When you suspect that your teen is using drugs, you may feel overwhelmed by fear and guilt. You may feel the urge to deny the problem, get angry, or feel too embarrassed to seek help.

While all of these are normal responses, none of them will help you to save your teen’s life.

This guide will help you:

  • Get up-to-date about the most common drugs used by teens
  • Identify signs and evidence of drug use
  • Determine the best way to confront your teen
  • Understand the different treatment options that are available to you

Guide Chapters

Chapter 1

What You Need to Know

Chapter 2

Learning How to Cope

Chapter 3

Know What to Look For



Chapter 4

Drugs 101: Learn the Basics

Chapter 5

Taking Action

Chapter 6

Treatment Options



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