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There is a tremendous amount of misinformation and fear swirling around the topic of vaccinations. Choosing whether or not to vaccinate your child is a very important decision; one that should include a thoughtful review of the risks and benefits.

The purpose of this guide is to reduce your fears and remove the misconceptions from your process of choosing how you want vaccines to be a part of your health care plan.


  • Vaccine Research: Which Studies Can You Trust?
  • Understanding the Risks & Benefits
  • What Scientist & Doctors Don’t Tell You About Vaccines
  • Know Your Rights & Options
  • How to Advocate for Your Family & Talk with Your Doctor

Guide Chapters

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Why Do We Use Vaccines?

Chapter 3

Becoming Part of the Herd

Chapter 4

Can You Trust the Research?

Chapter 5

Are Vaccines Effective?

Chapter 6

Are Vaccines Safe?

Chapter 7

What the Doctors and Scientists Don’t Tell You

Chapter 8

How Should You Use This Information?

Chapter 9

Know Your Options & Advocate for Your Rights

Chapter 10

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What Doctors and Scientist Don’t Tell You

You may be surprised to learn that both proponents and opponents of vaccinations agree on this next bombshell of truth about vaccine safety.

What most people don’t realize is that the issue of vaccine safety isn’t just about what’s in the vaccine. Yes, some vaccines are made with harmful chemicals that pose a threat to our health and safety but this issues almost serves as a distraction from the more common AND more threatening risk.

What you don’t hear people arguing about is the serious safety risk of vaccinating a child or an adult with a preexisting condition. This issue is rarely discussed despite the fact that your child is far more likely to experience adverse reactions to a vaccine due to having a preexisting condition.

There’s a warning about this risk in every insert of every vaccination on the market today. Government websites dedicate whole pages identifying “people who should not get vaccines.” Yet doctors rarely take the time to educate parents about this well-known safety issue and it’s even rarer that your doctor will show you the vaccine disclosure insert.

If you remember one morsel of information from this chapter, let it be this: You and your child are at a greater risk of experiencing an adverse reaction to a vaccine if you have a preexisting condition.

What’s more important to understand is what is considered a “preexisting condition.” This includes any condition, illness, or use of medication that is/has weakened the body’s immune system.

For example, if your child has the flu, or is taking a steroidal medication, or you are currently pregnant: all of these conditions would cause your immune system to be weakened or suppressed. If you or your child were to get a vaccination in this weakened state, it could overwhelm your immune system and result in an adverse reaction.

Here’s the problem: we don’t always know when our immune systems are compromised. Some children are born with a genetic predisposition to an immune disorder or have an under-developed immune system. A pediatrician may be totally unaware there’s even a problem because there are no outward signs or symptoms.

This is why some children may have an adverse reaction while others don’t. Unfortunately, some doctors miss the red flags or don’t ask the right questions making it easy for an oversight to occur.

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