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    How It Works

    Pages, posts, and/or media on this website may include affiliate links to the aforementioned companies from which the owner of this website will make a referral commission. Each affiliate link contains a special tracking code that identifies Nourished Minds as the referral source. When you purchased the linked product, I make a small commission on the sale. You do not incur any additional cost or pay a higher price for the product. Some (but not all) of the links on this website are affiliate links. Many links used on this website are non-affiliate links that will redirect you to external websites that I have identified as helpful resources.


    Why I Use Affiliate Links?

    Monies earned from sales commissions through affiliate links and advertisements are used to cover the costs associated with the maintenance of this website, product development, and owner expenses.


    I am very selective in choosing products. I conduct my own research on the product and the company before making any recommendations. My priority is to help you identify products and companies that use safe, quality ingredients while practicing transparency and social responsibility. In most cases, I personally use the product myself and strongly believe in its effectiveness and safety. I select some products and services based on trusted referrals from professional colleagues or leaders in the field of holistic health and wellness.


    Any time you purchase a product through an affiliate link, know that you are helping me to empower others and grow the Nourished Minds’ community. If you share my passion for giving people access to important information and would like to support the Nourished Minds’ mission, you can do so by purchasing products through the affiliate links found on the product review page and resource page.

    Your Consumer Rights

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