Treat Acne With Safe Natural Remedies

    Acne is a normal response to the increase in sex hormone production during puberty, although it can occur in adulthood as well. Skin is the largest organ in our body and is a major vessel for eliminating toxins via our pores. Excess oil or sebum can clog pores and trap bacteria. This results in inflammation in the form of a blemish. If bacteria continue to grow, whitehead and blackheads may form and spread.

    Acne can be triggered by many different factors to include but not limited to: hereditary, hormonal imbalance, hormone fluctuation during menstrual cycle, diet, medications, stress, and Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth). The best method to treat acne is to prevent it. Teaching teens about the importance of eating healthy foods and practicing daily routine hygiene is very important. The following tips are ways that you can help your teen prevent and treat acne using natural interventions.


    What Empowered Parents Can Do:

    1. How much water does your teen drink? Chances are…not enough. Water is critical for removing toxins from the body. Toxins will either come out in urine, sweat, or through pimples on the face. Drinking lots of water will promote the release of toxins through sweat and urine

    2. Avoid sodas, sports drinks, and all refined sugar products; this is a no brainer and perhaps the Achilles heel of every teen. They hate acne but they love sugar. Reducing the amount of sugar, caffeine, and chemicals in your teen’s diet can help to clear up acne and stabilize hormone levels. Glowing skin and no mood swings—everybody wins with this one.

    3. Take a zinc supplement (25 mg) daily – zinc is essential for the development of the reproductive system and helps the skin to heal from damage caused by the sun and acne

    4. Take a probiotic each day – Teens don’t worry about regularity but they should. A build of waste creates toxins and eating too much sugar will create an overgrowth of yeast. In fact, acne is one of the primary symptoms of Candida, a common yeast problem. A probiotic can help to eliminate toxins and replace bad bacteria (yeast) with good bacteria

    5. Be sure to get some beta-carotene from brightly colored fruits and vegetables in their daily diet or give them a vitamin A supplement of 5,000 IUs

    6. Encourage daughters to wash off all make-up before going to bed and to tie their hair back. The oils from our hair and make-up can clog pores. As a matter of fact, daily washing and grooming is essential to healthy skin.

    7. Use tea tree oil as an astringent and dab vitamin E onto pimples; both have antibacterial properties that are great for fighting pimples

    Note: These remedies are not “quick fixes”. The goal is to rid the body of toxins and give it certain nutrients that promote the growth of healthy skin cells. This takes time and won’t happen overnight. More importantly, teaching your teen how to use natural remedies to treat and heal their bodies will make them less inclined to use harsh or harmful medications.


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